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Hi There! Thank you so much for stopping by. We hope you'll enjoy browsing through our photos. We, Lannie and Michael Armstrong, are husband and wives, who started photography as a hobby and later on made it our business.

We love the photojournalistic style of photography because we love capturing the genuine shot and preserving it. Those are precious moments that many of us cherish. Those are the shots that we'd love to look at and recall over and over again. Those precious smiles that melts our hearts are the ones that makes our day and they are worth more than than a thousand words.

Other than photographing people, we also love capturing the beauty of God's creation. They are a great reminder of God's awesome intelligent design and His sufficient grace and mercy towards us. This is one of the reasons we love photography so much. 

We are located in Windsor Mill, Maryland, USA. If you loved our photos and would love to have us capture the special moment of your life, please let us know how we can serve you.